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SCOVANDELI – Homem Unico

Our vision of Wedding

We said « Yes » 10 years ago now at a magical day as we had imagined and prepared ourselves.
That moment proved unique for us, and partly thanks to dedicated professionals to whom we appealed to our turn now to bring our experience, our expertise, our emotions, and accompany the bride and groom up ‘on D …
Our mission is to offer the opportunity to groom to create together the holding of which he dreamed and imagined. The compilation dedicated to the ceremony is only proposed « measure ».
Being at the height of his sweetheart, is now available …
The word « client » is not used in this universe for us is a human adventure first and foremost ….
We do not favor any configuration of wedding, it is simple, small, eccentric, complicated, modern, traditional, we’ll be there for you.

Implementation & steps

  1. Complete and send us the friend request located on the home page.
  2. We agree with all email from a telephone appointment to find out your needs and target your needs to prepare the best way we go.
  3. 1st appointment (between 1 and 3 hours) : We advise you to be in the presence of your loved ones to make this moment more enjoyable.In place of your choice, the course will be as follows:
    1. – Briefing of our concept and services.
    2. – Presentation Ceremony of our products and our « All Inclusive 100% Scovandeli. The turnkey through which you will be dressed in head to toe by us.
    3. – Presentation of different fabrics available for the ceremony.We have a very wide selection of fabrics that meet the most discreet as the most daring of you.
    4. – Explanation on the different options and customizations available, the possibilities are so numerous that we are here to guide you.
    5. – Taking measurements on the body, selecting different parts of the holding of selected tissues of personalization accessories.

    We have established various levels of services to best meet your expectations.

  4. You decide on that first visit, thank you for your vote of confidence, we are pleased to offer an immediate discount on your order.
  5. 2nd appointment (1 hour) : 1st try-complete your outfit to your home or other place, assessment of alterations to be done.
  6. 3rd appointment (45 minutes) : 2nd fitting complete your outfit to your home or place of delivery and maintenance.
  7. 4th appointment (optional 2 hours) : We suggest you be present on D-day for you in preparing your dress, be with you and ensure that nothing is left to chance.

And if your heart tells you, we will welcome a return of this day like no other …
Scov & Eli