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SCOVANDELI – Homem Unico

Scov & Eli

Elizabeth and Vasco are a couple of stylists and their company name of fashion design (Scov & Eli, their nickname).


Eli was born in 1974, young parents who ride to Paris from an early age to exercise their profession.She is the eldest of a family of three children, raised in a strict but fair with strong values instilled.
Scov was born in 1975, working-class parents.His father began working 12 years as an artisan weaver with his brothers and his father until the end of the dictatorship of Salazar, the famous April 25, 1974.The passion of the fabric is a story of family, secrets are transmitted throughout the years by his father.
Both Luso-descendants, children of Portuguese immigrants, people proud and hot-blooded Latin.
Born in France, they grow by feeding on the mixture of cultures that is reflected today by a natural openness necessary for creation.
Even at school they met in 1996 at Toulouse, at a seminar of intensive remedial response to the strikes of 1995 the largest since May 1968.
There followed more than 20 years these 2 in the world of upscale and luxury.

Common Career

In 2006, the desire for freedom and a new beginning takes place in their minds.
They start by working on a project without considering the commercial success that offer an innovative and totally dedicated to man.
Ready to wear almost single thread of their business and their philosophy. A workshop production of their clothing line at very low quantity, 12 pieces all sizes for a costume is a performance they succeed despite the mixed reviews encountered many appointments.
To complement the concept branches « custom » and « personalization standard » are mature and established, following extensive training in immersion in this world apart. Different levels of service are designed to offer more access to this universe.
In late 2007 the company was created and structured for over a year they will activate their networks to offer their services and products. For them the best way to test their size project for over a year they will sell their own products directly from their client so upscale and unique. The result is at once encouraging customer questions each time more numerous on the opening of a website, creating a catalog and on opportunities to buy in shops encourage them to take the next step.
The product range is expanding with the arrival of accessories.
End of 2009 the first catalog and website are created and the first multi-brand shops offering their products. The sale of preferred service to the customer or the office remains the guiding principle of their activity.
The originality of concept and attraction for this new way of seeing how quickly circulated, and word of mouth propels them quickly in a very closed circle of showbiz, sport, business and media.
In preparation for the opening of a showroom, and many other projects …