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SCOVANDELI – Homem Unico

« Homem Unico » name of the concept, one wish: to make each customer a unique man.
For this the creation of ready to wear are made to 12 copies all sizes, 12 unique items guaranteed. This is for costumes, shirts, jackets and coats.
A guarantee of finding new products every time you visit. Only downside, little room for lengthy reflection, with 2 parts manufactured by size and model must be responsive.
From this concept derives a fingerprint and a different view of the garment of choice is primarily SCOVANDELI be published without the will to stay yourself. A desire to keep a daily mood relayed by the creations.
Prove that each of us can keep their beliefs and way of life by being dressed in SCOVANDELI.
As the days and our inspiration, we create for you.
SCOVANDELI name is associated with raw materials for the most noble man, refinement, comfort, modernity, the fineness of detail, impeccable cuts and finishes make our customers with privileged men.
Only workshops or confections on a human scale in the working rules of the art have our confidence. A know-how, a real passion for what is manufactured, only these criteria count and that is why we are now working with real professionals whose level of demand is equal to ours.
Production is concentrated in Latin Europe.
To obtain a more extensive know-how and quality of raw materials, we invite you to visit the world ready to wear & accessories, then Custom.
SCOVANDELI is the result of 2 lovers who leave nothing to chance.