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SCOVANDELI – Homem Unico

Urban Dynamics

Slogans « no time to lose, ever! This does not mean that there is no place for the selection of the wardrobe on the contrary.
Urged by his schedule timed, days too short …
The tie may be rigorous but it certainly provided it is high quality and connection to its strict shirt 100% pure Egyptian cotton and Sea Island. Its bound to want modern, elegant, comfortable and practical details are important …
We know already that our people make him a man apart.

The Nostalgic

For some the prince of wales, caviar, houndstooth, are terms « has been » which is neither our case nor that of our customers old nostalgic reasons.
We take a perverse pleasure to be sure to dust off these materials for updating the style of the day. It is also a way for all of us to remember the suit or jacket worn by our grandpas.

The Dandy

He delights in his eyes and sly smile that he is one who dares not, or rather who can not afford all these eccentricities. Why? simply because our dear Dandy assumes its perfect combination of materials, patterns, shapes without being dressed up …
Attention is a true state of mind, does not proclaim Dandy who wants …

The casual sports

Its habit of wearing sportswear, but do not refuse to cross a plateau in appearance. He feels more comfortable in an odd style. Our unstructured jackets highlighting their morphology, accompanied by a shirt weekend will be ideal for that first step.

The Clubber chic

The difficulty of being seen without being seen, materials and details upscale must distinguish themselves in the world of night in any discretion or be admired at fair value under the bright sun holiday very private. Come, come, you will recognize these rare pieces that we thought …

The Metrosexual

One can easily think it is narcissistic, egocentric and vain as it hydrates, exfoliates, is manicure, pamper, loves shopping … His appearance is the watchword and well being, he knows beautiful things and will take them. For the result to be perfect, it provides the necessary time to choose her outfits, coveralls, materials. For him nothing is done randomly, it is good for us either …

The beginner or undecided

Hesitantly he enters our universe without really knowing what research and where it goes … on business or personal events have forced the irreproachable, boards of foundations are welcome and the support is required to fully satisfy this first adventure. Listen and advise our way of seeing things.

The groom

He is preparing to find the place the most important of his life, not only because it is his marriage, no! But also because this is the same outfit he sees his entire life in his photo album and may well be on the wall of some nearby. Better not rush this mission for lack of ideas, taste or budget. It needs a true professional on that count, either to guide or to make him what he wanted ….
From now on, make yourself at home ….