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SCOVANDELI – Homem Unico

A world apart once, for the elite world of the measure becomes more democratic over time and thereby becomes available through new technologies and methods that work today combined with a real know-how can produce garments of high quality.

Looking to modernize technologies while maintaining a spirit of tradition, whatever the level of service chosen by the customer, is our vision. Designing a custom garment is also especially preferred human contact and sharing that moved between us and the customer. That is why in SCOVANDELI you will not be able to order custom clothing on e-commerce, we offer a real service in the traditional spirit and manner.

Our universe is tailor made for different ranges and different levels of production that we have designed to meet all the real connoisseurs of the genre, fans of rare fabrics, traditional clothing for which the budget is not an obstacle to the desires that novices who want to take the plunge, and afford a garment custom tailored to the price of clothing ready to wear luxury.

To ensure optimum service to match demand, we have selected for you a workshop dedicated to human size only to suits high-end manufacturing « industrial and semi-traditional » and a special workshop for prestige costume made entirely hand « 100% Traditional.

For a custom garment worthy of the name, some points must be controlled must succeed for the sole purpose of offering the customer the costume as he really thought.

Firstly, our professional and experienced eye will make the boss a real adaptation of your body but especially your posture and morphology. Each new command is a real adventure lived in collaboration with the client. Together we discuss the needs, expectations, and the style most suited to his personality.

One stated goal, to ensure that everyone whatever takes as much pleasure to bring our creations that we when we confectionnons.

The various services we offer our customers

The half-measure

The costume is made from a pattern exists. The latter changes are made after taking 20 body measurements and taking into account all the information constituting the morphology of the client. Thus, criteria such as posture, physical, positioning, gait, holding will be discussed during this meeting to create a completely bespoke garment. A fitting is necessary to make the final touches. We also offer an option to add more value to the creation of handmade tailoring.

The small extent

The process is identical to the half-measure except that the 1st fitting is dedicated to the final choice of finishes in agreement with the client, the suit at this stage is not completely finished. A second fitting is required.

Methods proposed confections


Using sophisticated machines, the skilled workers assemble the suit in 12 hours or 14 hours if requested finishes are handmade.The highly technical fabrics due to their fineness are sometimes easier to work this way.Patronage and the cutting system is computerized and resetting for each costume that is unique and manufactured to the client’s respecting its morphology. This methodology has proven itself in the luxury market and can save time without sacrificing quality.The method used is the fusing used in ready to wear in order to save valuable time.The fusible is a canvas that is broken down in various weights and above qualities, using a press with iron sticks to the back of the fabric in order to dictate a dress.
Used by an expert hand, the heat-activated high quality that we use will give satisfaction to the owner of the costume.


The garment is made of 60% of industrially and for the other party a studio finishing work manual.
Two techniques are used, the fusing and interlining to gain prestige and quality.
The bonding process is used on the bottom half of the jacket (pockets, sides) and the stabilizer on the top (neck, back, chest) that is to give the garment shape by using natural materials such as canvas horsehair, wool and linen and hand sewn by artisans. This mix of methods provides a garment of superior quality ensuring life longer.


The assembly of the garment is made by hand in workshops by highly skilled workers (apiéceur, breeches, tailor, seamstress). The fabric traditional premium is now 100%. To complete this level of service luxury finishes « Tailor » are included. The Lovers of exceptions are met.

Features, details, options

Stitching & son

We can make different parts of the costume to bring a modern touch if necessary. The point chip and tailor are variations thereof which may be tone on tone or contrasting the contrary from a wide choice of colors son.


The first visual impact is determined by this element is important in the style of dress. Depending on their width, shape, finishing the back directs the costume choice to use.


May be placed to the left or right side, tone on tone or contrasting as needed.
you can also customize the whole or separately to be original without excess.
The buttonholes on the sleeves are open to them, a mark of distinction tailored exclusively or almost. There is no real use for this, just a guarantee of quality clothing and rarity that is found in luxury goods. The explanation for this peculiarity is due to the fact that at the time the cuffs were very curved at the point of not being able to hand, hence the use of open buttonholes.
Upon request the buttonholes can be made by hand tailoring, a real privilege.

Interiors and linings

Many opportunities are offered to give life to the interiors of jackets and trousers through the different options. For small details that make the difference that we are sensitive, the paper becomes more enjoyable. A choice of materials and colors is proposed as the viscose, cupro, silk, alpaca (the lining of suits).


The choice of the number of buttons on the jacket is just like the other side in the style but also in relation to the physical. Depending on whether one is stout, athletic, fine, some configuration will suit recommended.
Polyester Japanese authentic horn, bone, corrozo (from a palm nut), metal, real pearl, rubber, wood. They are original, trends or classics they all have in common that they were selected for their quality.
You can decorate more or less according to taste discreetly stitched on the button with contrasting thread. And cross-stitched by hand for extra support and style.


After participating in the development of your costume, it is normal to the symbol. Your name, your initials or a personal phrase? So many opportunities for you to score your creation.

The bending

Whatever your body type we can create a curved line as you desire. The figure is highlighted and refined that you have a physically imposing or very slender. It’s main advantage over the ready to wear, which must reach the greatest number.


Their number and shape vary according to the mood. At number 2, 3 or 4 they may be flap, welt, patch, buttoned, zipped, bomber style. Their position may be basic right to know, or diagonally to one side « so British ». While certain configurations are more suited to certain situations, it is our duty in time to explain it.

Slit back

Without slot (very Italian trend, the sleek lines will bring but it is impractical for sitting without hurting his jacket)
A slot (universal choice which fits all)
Two slots (classic fits all)

For the pants:

The fly

Whether you’re nostalgic or not, the fly can be zipped or buttoned.

The belt

To have a perfect pinned at the waist, our trousers may be fitted with a belt buckle, a belt anti-slip, adjustable from passersby on the side gusset pocket, brace buttons, d ‘ an after-dinner option.


Front trouser pockets fit the choice of those of the jacket, they can be piped to the Italian in the seam or bridle, buttoned. Behind the possibility of having two, see no one. Several options as the watch pocket, the bottom zip pocket for coins are proposed.

The folds

No creases to fittées lines and modern
With a fold (inside or outside) to have a slight ease or two folds (internal or external) to comfort a priority, recommended when one is bulging example.

Cutting & down

Slim, regular or wide cut and the pant leg are aligned for a perfect fall and adapted to the customer.


We work with leading high-end clothiers like Loro Piana, Zegna, Gorina, Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Scabal, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Lanificio Cerruti, and many others less known but equally as prestigious Schofield & Smith. Each offers a choice of about 1,500 references, which allows us to indirectly provide our client with a very diverse range. Working with some of these houses, he must show « whitewash » and demonstrate manufacturing methods. These clothiers offer what is most noble in terms of products, combining the best fiber, weaving machines sophisticate, a workforce highly qualified and know-how much secrecy. We do not store any fabric and work in coupons, this is our opinion that is more objective.

The fabric chosen is the basis of your clothes and therefore crucial.

The manufacturing method will be chosen conveniently depending on the characteristics of the fabric because the fabric is more lightweight, it is more difficult to work manually. In the opposite case, if the customer selects by default a traditional garment, it is recommended choosing a less fragile fabric so that there have consistency.

Some of the fabrics offered are worth several hundred dollars per meter and it is therefore impossible to design a garment industry even if requested.

What are the stages of the first appointments to the delivery?

  1. Order our e-commerce a « good appointment » which amount will be deducted from the first invoice. This approach is valid only for the first appointment, our time and valuable advice is let us take this precaution the first time.
  2. To make your life more enjoyable our bespoke service will if you want your home to your office for example or in a place of your choice. Point of congestion, crowds, vendors are not available, so it is an appointment without stress, in the best conditions to make the most of our service.
    We move from Monday to Saturday from 07H00 to 21H in the area Paris intra-muros, and study upon request we can move outside this area.
  3. To better prepare for this appointment we will do follow-mail a file explaining where you can find a maximum of responses to possible questions, a glossary of technical terms, and finally a description of the organization.
  4. The first visit includes a briefing on the course, the choice of fabric, buttons, lining, cutting, customization of the measurement on the body.
  5. The second visit (3 to 4 weeks after ordering) is for the first fitting and alterations.
  6. The third appointment is for the final fitting and delivery of costume in his bag.

Our Prices

Our prices start for a 2-piece suit 100% wool and 650 euros in industrial manufacturing, 900 euros in semi-traditional and traditional in Euro 1300. A costume can reach more than 4000 euros depending on the fabric, the garment industry.